How to Succeed in Business

Written by abigail dean

Published on 10.13.2022

“I want to be in the room where it happens.”

-Hamilton’s Aaron Burr

Collectively, we seem to be constantly searching for the secret to success in all the wrong places. We think we will just know it when we see it – like some opulent movie star or shiny jewel. Hours, days, and weeks are spent searching for that elusive ‘one’ – the magical potion that if we just knew it, did it, prayed to it, or ate it would give us what we seek.

Guess what? Beauty is disguised as disappointment. The magical secret to success isn’t flashy and flamboyant. It doesn’t come with a designer purse or is announced by a viral Instagram Reel.

The real secret of success is deceptive. It seems quieter, softer, and much more mundane than the sparkles and glamour. Therein lies the magic.

When you really want this thing you seek you can have it. Anyone can have it by simply and consistently showing up in their honesty and showing up in their authenticity.

You don’t have to shout it from your rooftop or your Facebook Page.

You don’t have to have a viral Tik Tok or Instagram Reel.

You don’t have to be liked by everyone.

You just have to consistently, genuinely, honestly, truly as you.

Show Up Today.

Go to a coffee.

Be seen.

Register for an event.

Talk to one new person.

Make a tiny little baby step.

Tomorrow, make another.

The next day another.

The next day? Just keep going.


Reflect. Learn. Apply. Grow. Pivot. 

Baby step after baby step.

You may find the shining treasure on occasion. Your breakthrough aha moment, the amazing referral gigs, the huge leap forward. The things that get (and rightly deserve) the praise and fanfares. They will be passing. The flash of the fireworks only lasts for seconds before fading into a trail of smoke.

The actions you take every day? They add up.

They will become… Your Growth. Your Foundation. Your Method.

There is a danger in falling for the lie in this world of instant everything.

Don’t expect this to be quick. There is no guarantee that it will happen instantly. A million baby steps precede every viral overnight success story.

A blog post. A client session. A guest speaker role at coffee. A podcast interview. A workshop.

Repeat. Reflect. Learn. Grow. Pivot.

Show up.

You might not be there yet. It’s totally okay. It takes time, consistency, and just showing up. Over and over again.

When you write a blog post a week, you end up with 52 posts over the course of a year.

When you write a guest post once a month, it becomes 12 in a year.

As your mailing list grows, a trickle of subscribers becomes a steady stream.

One client becomes two. Two becomes three.

Repeat, Reflect, Learn, Grow. Pivot.

You’re totally capable of doing this.

Just look at how far you’ve come already.

Let the flash in the pans be just that.

You’re building something that matters.

Show up. Repeat, Reflect, Learn, Grow. Pivot.

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