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Be a leading voice in our movement.

How has the Girl Boss Effect changed your world?

Tell your story in our first book.

From your WHY to how Girl Boss has made a difference, we want YOUR WORDS featured in the book that will teach others the recipe for Girl Boss Magic, because entrepreneurship can change lives, and it is a lot easier when you have support.

Join now and write an essay that will captivate women ready to be right where you are– in the driver’s seat, surrounded by ladies who uplift you.

New to this? Never fear, we will guide you along the way. Done this before? We are experienced writers, excited to collaborate with you for this exciting project.

Your story matters

Share your experience and inspire another Boss to take her leap

Who are we?

Dr. Angela Yarber, award-winning author and founder of Tehom Publishing Center, and

Sandy Bean, MA, Founder of St Pete Girl Boss (master’s trained writer and celebrated former writing teacher), and we are thrilled to be your guides for this experience.

As a business owner, you are the leader of your own story.

What you do matters.

Your Girl Boss Effect essay will help those who are starting, stuck, or ready for a change.

Running your own business is a hard work!

You are part of a movement that is showing observers that there is a secret sauce when it comes to business growth and healthy connections for entrepreneurs. 

So why tell others your story? And why work with Tehom Center and St Pete Girl Boss to cultivate your words?

You'll have a polished piece to share regarding your business

Even if you’ve published before, walking through the process with different collaborators yields different magic. 

You will inspire other women who may be hesitating with their dream

You can never be sure who will need to hear exactly your story. When we share and market our book, your words will reach the right person to help her do her thing. They can’t if you don’t share them!

You'll harness the power of many messages in one volume

As we have already seen, the Girl Boss Magic really happens when we work in collaboration. This remarkable project won’t be any different– and with all of us sharing the power of our stories and the impact of our community, eyes will be on you and your business.

Limited Spaces Available


Two-Pay & Three-Payment Plans Available on the Checkout Page

Uplevel Member + BIPOC Discounts available 

SPGB and TCP celebrate, honor, and aim to publish the writing of all women entrepreneurs, while simultaneously acknowledging that BIPOC writers comprise only 11% of published authors and continue to be excluded and marginalized in both entrepreneurial and publishing opportunities.

Because we value the necessity and particularity of these perspectives in this volume, we offer a special rate for all SPGB BIPOC writers who would like to be included in the edited book. This is part of our DEIB efforts, reparations, and simply being equitable human beings.

why this matters

No one tells your story like you

Why craft your personal story in “The Girl Boss Effect” guidebook and essay collection?


Fill your cup!

Be an inspirational example for other female entrepreneurs.

Illustrate the power of “the Girl Boss effect” on your business by showing how your business mindset, money, and/or “magic” has been transformed by our community.

Life is short and nothing is guaranteed. If you’re one of the many who dreams of writing a book, why not start here, illuminating your part in a tapestry of light.


Prove you can do it (or maybe even do it again)

Call yourself a published author.

Enjoy the benefits of the pride and motivation behind the title of published author! 

Once you’ve opened the door, what else comes next? Take the step and see, AND recieve some bonus support from Tehom Center, long term if you wish.


Add power to your expertise

Enjoy the marketing, credibility and expertise established by publishing in a book.

Authorship is a door opener, visibility magnet, and credibility booster. Publishing in a volume such as this is more affordable AND it is powerful, as you are aligned with other succcessful women in the book. 

In the past, we have been featured on Bloom, Spectrum Bay News 9, Snell Isle Magazine, Hot 101.5, and through Cox Media Group, and our efforts will be shared with these outlets and more.

We will also leverage ouur media contacts for coverage of the book and its authors at work, which, of course, includes YOU!


Be part of something brilliant

Experience Professional Writing + Marketing Support.

Essay writing template and coaching includes:

  • Developmental editing
  • 2 90-minute coaching sessions with Angela and Sandy, including:
      • 1 Writing Coaching session
      • 1 Book Marketing Coaching session

Give yourself something to celebrate

Revel in Post-Publishing Support

Feature in a fabulous book launch party in September

And, everyone recieved one free hard copy of the book, plus the opportunity to leverage essay into a book with TCP, AND 10% off all TCP Book Coaching Programs in the future.

Limited Spaces Available

Your Experience includes two 90 minute coaching sessions, editing, publication, your copy of the book, and our celebration.

Payment plans Available

Uplevel Member + BIPOC Discounts Apply

You ready?

Let’s do it like Girl Bosses: Together


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Attend the Zoom Coaching Session + Write

Our first Zoom coaching session (in late April) is 90 minutes long and designed to support you to success. After this session, you’ll write and submit your draft!


Edit and Submit

Once you’ve submitted, you’ll recieve recommendations for developmental edits. Make any changes and submit your final piece.


Attend your Second Zoom Coaching Session

Our second Zoom coaching session will be in August! This will help get you prepared to levegerage your opportunities once the book is published. 


Publish and Party

The book will be released in September, and you’ll be invited to the festivities.



She has a superhuman ability to help you define your own passions and purpose and then uses her vast experience and network to up-level whatever it is you’re trying to create. Whether you need a pep talk or some tough love, Sandy can deliver both with a hug and a smile.

Jessica Barnett

Tech Innovator, Entrepreneur



I’ve written a book and formed an amazing community in one month. [Working with Angela is] the best $1,000 I have ever spent!

Rev. Leyla Kamalick King

Tehom Published Author