Meet the Girl Boss Team

How St Pete Girl Bosses Began

Sandy loves connection. As her journey into entrepreneurship began, she was lonely, and sought to find her people through networking. She found some wonderful contacts, but also noticed a problem: the challenges that entrepreneurs face were often unaddressed or geared toward the general population rather than women specifically. 

Enter St Pete Girl Bosses, a group she began very early one January morning (with an ironic name and a stock photo banner in Canva).

The group was her inspired answer to her desire for more: a work family. This would be a place where female entrepreneurs, like her, could feel empowered, uplifted, and supported through every step of their journey.

She encourage group members create, collaborate, volunteer and have fun together, two important aspects of life that are protective to entrepreneurs’ mental health.

Sandy, and now, her team, use their skills to create programming, opportunity, and connection within the group so that the Bosses can learn and grow both personally and professionally. Sandy believes that women have the unique spark of creation that the world desperately needs, and her goal is to help every woman who wishes to bring a business to life to better fulfill the ongoing curiosity and to feel the joy organic to that creation process. 


Sandy Bean 

Sandra Bean, our Connection Queen!, is a brilliant, energetic, and experienced educator, national speaker, writer, business and mindset mentor, curriculum developer, and mother of four (or three thousand plus, if you count every student she’s ever had and every Girl Boss in her group!). She specializes in setting cultures, building communitiees, and shining the light on the magic each of us brings into the world.

Keep Reading About Sandy

Sandy loves education! Her undergraduate degree is in middle childhood language arts and science, and she holds Master’s Degrees from Penn State in creative writing and curriculum and instruction. She is gifted endorsed through the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

For the past two decades, Sandy has been invloved with kids. She has developed programming, drama clubs, student council programs, science olympiad teams and district-wide best practices, and is also the author of multiple enrichment clubs, camps, and remediation support programs. 

Sandy created The Bean Center for Enrichment and Support in 2021 to provide empowering and enriching content for girls, 2e youth, and gifted & creative thinking children. 

She is the recipient of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association Positive Image Award, The ETS Recognition of Excellence Award for her teacher licensure, and multiple excellence awards from her previous school districts. She has spoken both nationally and at the state level on topics relating to assessment, education, and differentiation, and has scored state teacher licensure exams, as well as taught and supervised pre-service teachers at the university level. She is a member of the Florida State Association for Gifted Children and the sponsorship board for ‘The G Word’ Film. 

She now acts as a consultant to new and established business owners and finds tremendous joy in matching clients with their needs, as well as finding creative solutions. She also hosts exclusive, small group mentorship coaching programs to help her clients see their light in the world and get ready to conquer some barriers to their success. Her 1K New Best Friends Community Building course and her 1:1 mentorship coaching are her favorites!

Sandy specializes in community development & course curriculum creation, and has interests in manifestation, spiritual growth, literature, cooking, yoga, travel, petting dogs, and laughing at terrible puns.

She lives in St Pete with her daughters (her son lives in Salt Lake City) and dogs, where she is a stanuch advocate for mental health. She really likes to write, rearrange her house, hang out with her kids, and leave long voice memos for her friends.

Sandy believes in the inherent goodness of the world and loves to make friends with everyone she meets.

Our Community

All of You

You are part of our dream team! All of our Girl Boss Community, from our Uplevel CEO Visionaries to those who come to every coffee and event, to those who are just discovering our Facebook community, are essential parts of our dream tream.

Thank you for being part of this amazing and uplifting community! We are so glad you’re here.