Entrepreneurs need community.

Is this you?

You’re a brilliant business owner, but there are days where you feel afraid, lost, like you are doing everything yourself and no one really “gets you”.

You’ve found the right place.  Welcome to St Pete Girl Bosses.

Being a St. Pete Girl Boss means…

We believe in non-competition, a little whimsy, and finding inspiration within our community. So much brilliance can be found in the company we keep!

We believe in being in flow with our authenticity and in finding women who want that, too.

We believe in the growth and advancement of women in business in the Tampa Bay area.

We seek to unify female entrepreneurs, uplift one and all, and provide opportunities for growth and connection.

We love to volunteer together, have fun together, and most of all, connect to share wisdom, opportunity, and experience as entrepreneurs. 

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Female entrepreneurship is extra hard.

It is so different from working for others. It can be confusing, frustrating, and maybe even lonely.

Many times, if you have a question or want to talk shop…

It’s just you.

You need a ‘work family’: A community to uplift you, inspire you, celebrate with you, and help you learn and grow.

Here we are. We are so glad you’re here.

What the Girls Say

The St Pete Girl Boss is an amazing space for female entrepreneurs of all ages. It is such a unique space where business owners can discuss ideas, collaborate and build friendships. Ideas brought forward are typically discussed, planned and brought to fruition, whether as a whole group or between individual businesses.

Personally since attending St Pete Girl Boss meetings, I have worked with almost twenty individual businesses from the group and received business as well. None of these relationships would have happened without this supportive group of women. We are fortunate to have such an amazing community for female entrepreneurs in our community.

Susan Wyman, Realtor

The women I have met through the SPGB group have become friends, mentors, co-workers, cheerleaders, and so much more to me…In just a few short months this group has provided every resource I and my business needed to not only not crash and burn, but to confidently soar through the sky. Every question I have, I know I can find an answer by simply asking.

Being surrounded by such a passionate, brilliant, supportive, generous, and ever-growing community of female entrepreneurs has been EVERYTHING to me! My business has quite literally quadrupled since this group was born.

I have found an unshakable confidence when it comes to bringing my dreams and my business to fruition because of these ladies, and there are MANY others who have found the same in SPGB.

Alyssa VanNuys, Relax Home

The support felt within the SPGB group is almost palpable. From the coffee meetings to the speaking events, the active members of this group are likeminded, powerful, creative and driven. The way the members of SPGB have bonded and come together is a true testament to the inspiration behind the group (thank you, Sandy Bean) and our beautiful entrepreneurial community. So excited to be part of this adventure!

Meredith Gaunce, Gaunce Law

Where the Magic Started

We started with Friday morning coffees to network and feature speakers who are experts in our community. We quickly outgrew the small space we met in and are thrilled to continue expanding the networking, workshop, and community events we offer.

Be in the room where it happens

St Pete Girl Bosses began because the journey of a female entrepreneur feels a little scary and can be isolating. 

We need each other to lean on and learn from.

You heard the call, because we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, and we are ready to all uplevel together.

Our Mission

Educate, Collaborate, Elevate.

St. Pete Girl Boss is dedicated to the growth and advancement of female entrepreneurs.

We strive to cultivate a thriving community through inspiration, education, and collaboration.

We aspire to have a positive impact on out local community by uplifting and supporting the female entrepreneurs who are integral to its economic success.

Looking to Give Back?

Make a thousand new best friends!

We envision a future where we can impact and support female entrepreneurs in their business journey through education, community, resources, and support.