Friday Coffees are Moving!

Written by Sandy Bean

Sandy Bean, connection queen, is an enthusiastic re-imagined teacher that illuminates her clients' gifts so they can share their wisdom and spread their magic.

Published on 09.15.2022

This Friday, September 16, our famous Friday Coffee Meetings are saying “so long for now” to the beautiful Webb’s City Cellar and ushering in a new location, the historical St Petersburg Public Theater, located at 4025 31st St South.

Member Lisa Johnson Marone, an avid volunteer and the events chair for the 100th anniversary of the theater, reached out to us to offer the space for events and collaboration, including special pricing for performances and outdoor space for markets and events, so, of course, Taylor and I had to go and see it. And what a cool space it is! We adored the large lobby, beautiful, historical main theater, and a variety of intriguing nooks and rooms winding around the fully-functioning community theater (y’all…the costume rooms…). Lisa has generously arranged for us to use the space for the Friday Coffee meetings times, and talks are in the works for preview performances, comedy shows (ft. Lauren Dufalt!), a Cookie Festival in December, and more.

With roots dating back to 1925, St. Petersburg City Theatre is the oldest theatre program in St. Petersburg.  Over the past few decades, they have continued to provide training and mentoring with experienced performers, directors and designers.  Through their children’s programs, the theater prepares youth to fully participate in our Main Stage programs and move forward with promising careers. It is the longest continuously operating community theatre in Florida.

You can learn more and see their calendar here: https://www.spcitytheatre.org/.

As a massive theater fan (and former performer and drama club advisor), I was massively stoked to bring this space to the attention of our members!! We are sure you will love it as much as we do– plus, there is parking.

Join us Friday mornings beginning at 8:30 (meetings run 9-10:30) for a cup of Kahwa Coffee, a snack, and the best end to your week, networking, learning, and supporting your fellow female entrepreneurs. Can’t wait to see you there!



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