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Ashley Marbet

aziz vintage

aziz vintage was established in 2009 by Ashley Marbet, providing jewelry, art and home for the modern individual. aziz vintage is an admiration for many styles of the past including Mid-Century, Hollywood Regency to Art Deco and believes fundamentally of mixing different design periods to find your own unique personal style. Vintage is a great way to make your home a reflection of yourself and your interests using higher quality goods that have sustained their time and will for many years to come.

aziz vintage is found at Retromania Vintage in Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.

Available by consultation for curation, events or design services.

Ashley Marbet

ashley marbet, realtor®

Ashley is a St. Petersburg native, passionate about preservation of historic homes and communities. As a member of Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, and third-generation antiquarian, Ashley has extensive knowledge of architectural styles and restoring homes to their respected era while being functionally modern. Ashley is passionate about helping educate and advocate for her clients on home-ownership, first-time home buying, investing (second home, long-term and short-term rentals), relocation and making important decisions when it comes to real estate. Coming from a background in consulting, with experience working for Fortune 100 companies, Ashley has the professionalism and negotiation skills to help you accomplish your real estate goals. Growing up in the area, Ashley is an expert on the what makes each neighborhoods uniquely different throughout Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota to the gulf beaches. Ashley has experience in commercial real estate, helping small business owners buy, sell or lease the perfect space to grow their business.

Barbara Baker

Moonlit Macarons

I handmake delicious French Macarons in st Petersburg. I can be found at many markets and events throughout the Tampa Bay area and accept custom orders to make any event even more spectacular! I also offer Vegan Macarons and can Airbrush custom designs on Macarons.

Belinda Ruiz

B Holistic Health

Belinda Ruiz is the owner of B Holistic Health. She is a family nurse practitioner specializing in Functional medicine, which means she blends western medicine (prescriptions/testing if needed) with holistic remedies, and helps clients to connect the mind/body/soul. Belinda personalizes medicine specific to each client. She earned her Masters from The University of Tampa and received additional training from the School of Applied Functional Medicine and Age Management Medicine Group.

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Belinda uses her Functional medicine training to treat patients with a root cause, science-based; body systems approach to optimize your body. She is dedicated to using this patient centered method to support patients anywhere on their journey. Belinda is passionate about providing education from a functional medicine perspective that empowers men and women to obtain their optimal health. Belinda also prescribes bioidentical hormones safely to clients, if needed to optimize her clients

Belinda began researching and studying functional medicine during nursing school and searching for answers regarding her own health. At that time, she felt the sickest and on autopilot after her mother passed away from cancer. She became frustrated with the options offered by conventional medicine, and wanted to heal in a holistic manner. She then asked herself, “How can I become the type of provider I would want to see?”

Carla Clayton

Wellness Lady

I’m Carla Clayton, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who is on a mission to help women reclaim their health and vibrancy by bringing their hormones into balance and breaking free from the dangers of processed food, sugar, and toxic chemicals. Over the last 30 years, I’ve helped nearly 2,000 women create healthy habits and routines that only take minutes a day, yet have big results. Contact me today for a coaching consultation.

Carissa Ales

Clarity Connection with Carissa

We strive to empower our clients to create balance within mind + body. Through our hybrid sessions of Therapeutic Massage and Hypnosis, we get to the root of the habits, behaviors & thought patterns that are no longer serving you, helping you create sustainable change in certain areas of your life while also addressing the chronic physical manifestations of these issues.

Some topics we address are: Stress/Anxiety Management, Inner Child Work, Healthy Lifestyle, Creative Blocks, Creating Inner Peace

Christine Van Nuys

Wandering Adventures LLC

I own Wandering Adventures Kayak Tour Company! I specialize in guided group experiences including kayaking, camping and hiking! All the planning is done for you, so kick back and enjoy your adventure!!

A bit about me, when I lost my corporate sales and marketing job in 2020 due to the pandemic, I decided to radically shift gears and start my own business. For years, I had been longing for a career that would allow me to lose the trappings of the 9am-5pm, and put me on the water where I belonged! And so the dream of Wandering Adventures began!

Danielle Laura

Genesis Point LLC

Hey! I’m Danielle Laura 🙂 Spiritual Advisor, Human Design & Gene Keys Analyst, and Seer. I guide conscious companies, industry leaders, power couples & their families in unlocking the keys to their kingdom for sovereign, liberated living in every domain of life.

We do this through leveraging energetic blueprints, spiritual gifting, and relationship dynamics to create a wholistic approach for sovereign success, united connection, deep fulfillment, and unparalleled impact.

In other words, I help you win in life, in the most aligned way for you!

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Danielle Laura is a two-time, number one bestselling and award-winning author, Energetics Expert, and Spiritual Advisor who works with conscious leaders, celebrities, and power couples around the globe.

Prior to leaving the corporate world, Danielle’s career was a continual progression of leadership in the medical field through her roles in nursing, counseling, and medical executive, giving her a keen understanding of high performance habits for success.

Since becoming an entrepreneur and choosing to pursue her gifting, Danielle has been featured in over 30 international publications and podcasts as an authority on energetic self-mastery, spiritual gifting, holistic healing, and conscious relationships.

Her message is all about getting H.O.T. with yourself—which stands for honest, open, and transparent, as she believes that’s the first step in mastering your gifting to amplify your zone of genius, impact in the world, and ultimate fulfillment.

As a transformation catalyst, Danielle’s work is continually in high demand because of her intuitive gift for reading energy and pinpointing the root of an issue to heal through it, which allows her to help clients master their own unique energetic blueprint and the keys to their fulfilling success.

Danielle’s mission is to bring collective healing to the world by helping visionary leaders align their human and spiritual potential, taking a holistic approach of how the conscious, energetic, spiritual and physical parts of you can work in unison for your highest good, in order to truly thrive and positively affect the rise of humanity.

Deb Fusek

EverParent Coaching

Deb Fusek helps parents of children ages 3 to 13 facing parenting challenges such as sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, and adoption to go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and fearful of the future to feeling empowered and equipped to navigate the new normal.

Deb is a mom of three kids ages 26, 23, and 17 in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is an Enneagram One, Reformer. She says, ” My kids often felt less than thankful for my “gifting”. (Would you have guessed I’m a first born?)” She has been married for 28 years. Her first two children are biological and her third born is adopted. She is passionate about parenting. Deb provides highly relational parent coaching so that parents feel safe sharing their struggles as they work toward goals for each member of the family.

Deb worked as an adoption professional for 9 years before transitioning to parent coaching. Deb uses her experience as a mom and a professional with years of experience educating and supporting families to help families heal and grow.

Emily Larrison

Return to Fit with Moxie, LLC

In-home and soon to be virtual personal training and corrective exercise for those with physical limitations and for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Having overcome the obstacles of pregnancy with pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis, I made it my mission to provide resources and support to those returning to fitness with pre-existing conditions

Ester Venouziou


Hi Everyone! I’m the owner and founder of LocalShops1, and many of you might know me through our huge holiday festival, Shopapalooza at Vinoy Park in downtown St. Pete.

LocalShops1, launched in 2008, is Tampa Bay’s source for all things local. Our mission is to provide advocacy, support and education to locally owned, independent businesses throughout the region.

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We work with businesses, artists, non-profits, and other cool groups to come up with creative ways to make our neighborhoods better. Shopping locally has the economic advantages, of course: Money spent locally is more likely to stay locally. But it’s not just about money. These are the businesses that link us to the past, and ensure our communities will have lots of character in the future.

LocalShops1 grew out of a list I kept on a scrap piece of paper at home, to help my parents find local shops and restaurants when they were visiting from New Jersey. I then started a group on Facebook, asking friends for suggestions to add to the list. Soon LocalShops1 was born, our grassroots organization took off, and thanks to the support of local businesses and community-minded shoppers, LocalShops1 is now Tampa Bay’s most active advocate for local businesses!

In my pre-entrepreneurial life, I worked in news editing, writing, and design. These days, I occasionally take on freelance/contract projects, as time allows.

Gretchen Miraglia

Coastal Dreams Events LLC

Coastal Dreams Events LLC is a full service luxury event planning company. We specialize in themed Teepee, Tent and Glamping Sleepovers, as well as picnic parties for kids of all ages. We service all of Pinellas, Hillsborough and surrounding areas.

Heather Hamar

The MAR St. Pete

a Performing Arts Studio and Incubator. a SPACE. For creators, dancers, actors, musicians, and all humans alike. For rehearsing, gathering, dancing, live streaming, performing, workshopping, and all kinds of creative collaboration. A space for small businesses to call home while they build the way to their forever home. A space that we can all make mistakes, grow, and learn; together! The MAR is the bridge to help you grow!

Holly Young


I’m Holly and my passion is making holistic health more approachable for busy families. After losing 80 lbs, 6 years ago, becoming a personal trainer and transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, my desire has been to help others achieve the happiness I have found by putting their wellness first, which is why I founded HŌLVIBE, an online wellness lifestyle community. A HŌLVIBE lifestyle is contagious. Feeling good about yourself starts on the inside. Your thoughts, and what you put into your body, all start inside and move out to make you feel good on the outside, which translates into feeling comfortable in your own skin! That power attracts the best kind of people and opportunities.

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What’s Included In The HŌLVIBE Habits Online Coaching Program?

The program consists of one weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Session of 60 minutes over 12 weeks. In order to achieve long-term success with your health and fitness goals, I help uncover any mindset blocks that may be sabotaging your success. Emotional Eating, Self Image Concerns, Food Addiction – we cover it all. I strive to help women (and men) understand the mind-body connection behind their relationship to food and the scale. If you are currently struggling to lose weight, or have recently hit a stubborn weight-loss plateau, then this program is designed for you!

From here, we create your personal strategy on how to overcome your health or weight loss challenges. You will have plenty of time in these sessions to ask questions and broaden your knowledge about topics that relate directly to you.

My full HŌLVIBE Health Evaluation is included to to help me get to know you better and gain insight to some of your daily habits and preferences, but it is also a great tool for you to dive a little deeper within yourself. This is a very high-touch coaching experience and I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you stay focused on your “why” to help create sustainable, long-lasting change.

offer unlimited email support in between sessions. Plus, you will get access to my WhatsApp community of like-minded people on a similar wellness path.

Kickstart Your Journey To Wellness Today! Sign up by simply sending an email to info@holvibe.com to gain complete freedom from food and weight issues and to evolve into the vibrant and thriving person you are meant to be!

Jamie Anderson

Weapon Brand

“The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is inarguably the single most important skill you hope you’ll never need” Learn to protect yourself, your family, and your employees to BECOME THEIR OWN WEAPON! Whether you’re fighting advances from a predator or attack, a bully, or a physical or mental illness, Weapon Brand is here to help. Weapon Brand corporate, group, and private training programs include: Self-Defense (Basic and Advanced), Got a Firearm…Now What (Weapon Safety), Weapon Retention, Realtor Safety, Personal Threat and Safety Awareness (Creating a Weapon Mindset), Active Shooter/Aggressor Response, Business and Home Vulnerability Assessments, Bullying Prevention and Tactics, Conquering Trauma and PTSD Through Self-Defense, Knife Attack and Ground Defense, Combat Action Pistol Prep, Law, Military and Security Personnel Training, Adaptive Training for Individuals With Disabilities, and more! Want healthier and empowered employees who exhibit stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and commitment to your organization? Book a team-building event today!

Jenn Possick

Jenn Possick – The Ads Maven

Hey there! I’m a Facebook + Instagram Ad Strategist that helps life and mindset coaches fill their launches and get more clients through Fb +IG ads. I offer Done For You and Done With You ad services, as well as a course for folks who like to DIY it with support. And as a former elementary school teacher, my zone of genius is breaking everything down and making it easily digestible. I believe strongly that love is love, black lives matter (and black trans lives matter), intersectional feminism is for everyone, no human is illegal, and kindness is everything. I live in St Pete and when I’m not walking on the beach with my feet in the Gulf, I’m at roller derby practice, or just chilling at home with my wife, Candice, and our 3 rescue dogs. I’d love to help you run effective and profitable Facebook + Instagram Ads.

Julie Alleman

Arcane Accounting.com

Time is money…let us save you both!

Kelly Shearer

Moon Lite Promos

With over 20 years in the print and promo world- I am the go to for ANYTHING with a logo. From business cards, brochures, and all printing to pens, hats, shirts awards , signage direct mail and more we can handle it! Always available for free consultation and quotes. Let’s get your business noticed

Kimberly Penrose

Be Forever FITness

I am a concierge personal trainer and fitness bestie that brings customized workouts to your home or office. Through my Commit To Fit Program, I can help you replace confusion with clarity and doubt with determination, to reach your greatest potential and get the physical results you have been wanting for so long. You don’t need a gym membership, heavy equipment, or expensive supplements and clothes to be healthy and fit. You need a best friend by your side who will be there for you every step of the way.

Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson

I began as a make up artist. In my attempt to get the perfect beauty shot I picked up the camera myself and never looked back. Over the years I have explored all genre’s of my craft, but I always come back to my first love, faces of women. I intimately know the pressure we have to look “perfect” all the time and I know that having images to prove that you are in fact really beautiful and perfect just the way you are can be just the affirmation you need. Plus, it’s FUN! I am passionate about personal growth, healing & finding your true north. Every woman can look like she just stepped out of a magazine. Every woman deserves to feel that in awe of herself. Feeling beautiful, feeling self love, is a gateway to abundance! I am here to help you get there! XO~K

Laura Gouin

Satiated Artists

Laura (she/her) is an actress, director and writer who got tired of starving and discovered her creative skills naturally translated onto the business stage. She founded Satiated Artists with the mission to give that same opportunity to fellow artists by training them to provide creative administrative support to her client base of busy entrepreneurs.

Her team of executive assistants, project managers, communications coordinators, account managers, and operations coordinators are the heartbeat of many organizations, giving busy executives time to focus on the things only they can do.

Think of Satiated as a staffing agency, a recruitment firm, a training and coaching program, an artistic community, and a consultancy all in one.

Mandy Blume

Blume Immune

After working for a long time pro bono, under my nonprofit, Real Food Recovery, helping foster kids get better; recover from Type II diabetes, improve grades, improve aspergers, etc… I’ve gotten great at helping kids get better. I decided to be successful in a For Proft business and start a company helping people get better. I especially love helping Moms learn their power in the kitchen and home! I’m now practicing at a clinic, Florida’s Natural Farmacy on Thursdays and still volunteering on other days at local Children’s Group Homes.

Morgan Bandoo

Morgan’s Creative Writing and Computer Services

Morgan’s Creative Writing and Computer Services We are an international writing, editing, and design company. We specialize in copywriting such as website content, blog writing, and social media. We also provide SEO assistance, academic tutoring and writing, resumes/cover letter wr

Nicole Srur, Realtor

Homes By Nicole Srur/Nicole Srur LLC

A little bit about me. As a kid, I must have loved houses, as one of my first dream jobs I imagined was an architect. Fast forward years later, I am in a career I love, and I get to help people too!!

I love to donate 10% of my income to local non profit organizations including homeless/financial outreach and pet charities. I want to give back to my local and sometimes national community as much as I can. Two of my most common local charities is Reach St Pete and Frankie’s Friends. Frankies Friends help pet owners with lifesaving surgery for their pets. Reach St Pete helps residents with financial/bill assistance, getting job resources, preventing homelessness, groceries, and much more.

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My goal is for customers to love working with me, and for new and previous home buyers to create long-term financial security. Real estate is an automatic savings plan towards a monthly expense you would be spending no matter what. It is a no brainer if it is equal to or less than a current rental payment. With the current rental market growing at over 10% year over year, why not buy?

I specialize in the Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota and surrounding areas within 60 miles. I also specialize in vacation rental short-term management and analysis. I have been an AirBnB superhost for over 5 years. On my free time, I enjoy live music, traveling, gardening, crafts, cooking, and spending time outdoors.

*My vision is for every person to own his/her dream home and create their own future of financial security*


Sandy Sembler


My biggest joy is seeing women embody who they truly are. How we do anything is how we do everything. Through my transformative SakredShe program, I help women peel back layers of conditioning to reclaim their authentic voice, attract abundance, create deep, connected relationships, and live a joy-filled life.” Internationally recognized embodiment coach Sandy Sembler is a heart-led mentor who puts women on a transformational path to profound abundance and healing. Through her inspirational SakredShe program, Sandy empowers women to embrace their divine feminine essence by breaking up with long-held toxic thought patterns and negative self-beliefs.

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Sandy’s Story

From a successful career to a dynamic social life, outwardly, Sandy had it all. But, trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relationships, inside she was lonely and unsatisfied. Habitual survival patterns held from childhood led to an overtly masculine approach to life, which, while generated success, hindered meaningful connections to the closest people in her life.

This ignited a desire to change, and marked the start of a ten-year journey of healing. After an intervention with Tony Robbins, and under the guidance of spiritual teachers from around the world, Sandy experienced profound mental, emotional and spiritual shifts deep within.

Embrace Your True Essence with SakredShe

Drawing on her personal wisdom and life experience, Sandy created her inspiring SakredShe program. Aligning disciplines from her international teachers, the SakredShe program is a powerful transformational experience that taps into the unlimited energy and creativity of your feminine flow. Across the process, you’ll release self-limiting behaviors and thoughts while reconnecting with your mind, body, and heart.

Sandy’s Philosophy

Sandy believes that by “making your mess a message and your test a testimony” you will find joy on the other side. Through her compassionate yet ‘take no prisoners’ coaching style, she taps into the well of her own personal journey to deeply connect with each client as a unique soul. In turn, her work has led women to attract the love they are craving (and their forever love), guided women to up-level their business and personal pursuits, helped couples overcome relationship struggles, and forge deeper, everlasting bonds.

Curious for More? Take the Quiz to discover how you show up in relationship! https://sandysembler.com/quiz Learn more by joining the SakredShe Society Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/sakredshesociety Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/sandysembler/ For more information, go to my website! www.sandysembler.com 

Samantha Thompson

Shaman at Truth Healing

Samantha is a Shaman for high-achieving CEO’s and Entrepreneurs. She helps women break free of negative patterns so that they can level-up in business and relationships. She is a trained Shaman, psychic medium, and trauma-healing coach, so her background includes all the woo AND all the science. She specializes in helping women receive the love and life they’ve always craved by healing deep-rooted patterns of self-sabotage, unworthiness, fear of being seen, fear of not being enough, etc. Each woman’s journey is unique, so if you’d like to find out if Shamanic services are right for you, email me at samantha@truthhealing.co for a free consultation.

Sharon Mahoney

Shaman at Truth Healing

I’m a Certified Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator and I partner with an amazing team of fellow winos! Our goal is to help make the world of wine approachable and FUN one glass and class at a time! We offer curated wine education and tasting events for groups from 6-600! We offer bi-monthly wine classes at Thrive (reserve your seat through Eventbrite) until our “Shrine to Wine” is built. We look forward to sharing our passion for wine with you!

Susan Wyman

Susan Wyman – Realtor

As a former registered nurse, Susan demonstrates the ability to work in aggressive markets while advocating for the needs of her clients. Her years working with patients has taught her how to tune in and know her clients’ needs and is able to advocate and negotiate successfully for them.

While born and raised in California, Susan has lived all over the country including North Carolina, Texas and Colorado. Her adult children have fallen in love with Colorado. They enjoy all the outside activities Colorado has to offer. Susan has found her forever home in Florida. The sunny skies, warm weather and sugar sand beaches have captured her heart. She enjoys all Florida has to offer. You can find Susan on the water boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and jet skiing, as well as hiking, mountain biking and road biking. It was not until Susan moved to Florida that she realized how important it is to love where you live. It brings her great joy to help others find the house and location of their dreams.

Tawney Chapman

Modern Medical Aesthtics

I have been in Aesthetics for 18 years! This is my second medical practice I have owned. We do all Cosmetic Dermatology and Women’s Wellness along with Bioidentical Hormone therapy. I was able to hand pick the perfect team by reflecting on my years of experience.


Gramina CBD

Gramina was founded in 2015 as a family business. Everything we do, we believe in the power of our thoughts. We believe that with an empowered mindset , you can achieve the impossible! The way we strenghten your power is by making you feel stronger with handmade, high-quality CBD products. Our products are completely natural without any artificial additives, parabens, or sugars. This is what makes our products unique in a sea of other CBD products, and we guarentee you will notice the difference.

Valerie Bogle


I am a creative director, graphic designer, model turned photographer! I’ve spent my careers all around a camera, from conceptualizing shoots, directing shoots, to being in them, and now to doing them for my clients. I come from the ad agency world, and have tons of experience working with major corporations (I did the branding and art directed photography for most of the Marriott Hotel Brands, Publix, Royal Caribbean and more)…and now I’m bringing my experience to my clients to help them elevate their business.

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My focus is primarily Beauty & Branding, and usually a combination of the 2. I love helping girls of all ages to see the beauty that everyone else sees in them. We are often our own worst critics, yet my promise is to create images my clients actually love seeing themselves in! I help with wardrobe selection, and give tips and posing guidance all along the way. There’s never a need to feel uncertain when you’re in front of my camera. The one thing I’ve heard most is how much fun clients have, even without any prior experience. Beauty • Boudoir • Branding • Children • Families • Teens & Seniors • Models • Lifestyle/Dating and even Social Media Library Building Shoots Let me change the way you see yourself. And, if you’re a photographer, be sure to ask about my Studio Rental.