Unleashing Your Inner Weapon: Women’s Self-Defense with Weapon Brand

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May 11, 2023

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6:30 pm

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Cardio Sport

Experience the power of self-defence with our “Unleashing Your Inner Weapon” workshop, designed to provide you with easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember, and highly effective techniques, tips, and tricks so that you can truly BE YOUR OWN WEAPON.

Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself and stay safe in potentially dangerous situations? If so, we invite you to join us for our upcoming self-defense class. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refresh your skills, our program offers highly effective techniques that are easy to learn and remember.

Our self-defense program covers a variety of skills, including pre-contact cues, distance management, defensive framing, and protection against punches, chokes, grabs, and strikes. We also provide abduction prevention techniques as part of this course. These methods have been successfully taught to officers in some of the most dangerous prisons, parole authorities, and law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The class will be taught by Brian Anderson-Needham, a former US Marine (Sniper), Hostage Negotiator, Violent Fugitive Recovery Specialist, and creator and trainer for the State of Ohio’s law enforcement self-defense and firearms programs. Brian’s program is held in high esteem and is recognized for its effectiveness, to the extent that other states continue to purchase it to train their law enforcement, parole, and corrections officers to this day. Brian is co-founder of Weapon Brand with St. Pete Girl Boss Jamie Anderson. Still on the fence? Check out some of Weapon Brand‘s reviews on Google or our highlight reel on YouTube.

Attention returning students! If you have previously completed self-defense level 1 with Weapon Brand, you can attend a review session for free. All you need to do is bring a friend who has bought a ticket to the class.
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Why would I need self-defense, it won't happen to me?

Taking a self-defense class is like having home or auto insurance – you hope you never have to use it, but it's better to be prepared. Our class focuses on identifying universal behavioral patterns that predators exhibit before they attack, as avoiding a fight is the easiest way to win one. As the saying goes, it's better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war. Unfortunately, statistics show that over 40% of women in the US have encountered sexual violence, so the "it won't happen to me" mentality is not a reliable defense. By learning self-defense techniques, you can gain the confidence and skills to protect yourself and potentially avoid becoming a victim.

Why is it $75...that seems like a lot?
Investing in a self-defense class that costs as little as $75 is a wise choice when compared to spending $200 on a haircut and highlights, $100 on nails, or $75 on a new blouse, as none of those expenses can provide the life-saving skills and confidence that come with self-defense training. 


I don't have time, plus what am I going to learn in only 2 hours?

Our system incorporates the best practices from over nine different forms of martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and more. While some videos on Instagram may showcase flashy techniques that require years of training and may not be practical or accessible in a high-stress situation, we can teach you effective techniques that you can use to defend yourself in just two hours. Don't let flashy but impractical techniques discourage you from taking action to protect yourself, because with our program, you'll become your OWN weapon.

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Total Seats: 40
  • Cardio Sport

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  • May 11, 2023 6:30 pm   -   8:30 pm
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