Alicia Farricielli

Eclectic Sunshine Creative Studio

Coaching, Fitness/Yoga, Wellness



Alicia is a certified lifestyle and business coach with over 15 years of combined experience in marketing, sales, public relations, non profits, event planning, entrepreneurship, and real estate. She started her coaching journey because she witnessed and experienced the hardships of female entrepreneurship and the limiting beliefs within our minds that keep us from achieving our dreams.

She successfully launched several businesses in marketing strategy, corporate and private event planning, and residential and commercial real estate. She currently serves as President and Founder of Peacock Projects , Owner of Limitless AF Coaching, and her new startup in the Warehouse Arts District- Eclectic Sunshine Creative Studio. Alicia’s true passion is helping other females empower theirselves and live up to their potential in life! She a champion for women, and believer that your big crazy dream is possible with a positive and limitless mindset.

Her approach to coaching is simple. Correct your mindset and you can accomplish anything. She has a deep understanding of how marketing to your right audience will eliminate frustration and save you time while launching your start up.

Alicia has overcome her own adversities in the past and is proof that resilience will make you stronger. Her purpose is to touch as many lives as she can sharing all that she’s learned. Whether it be in business, mindset, or everyday life, if it will help someone else, then she here for it.

Alicia resides in St Petersburg, Florida with her husband and their 2 dogs, Nadia and Bowser. She enjoys hiking, creating relaxing mediations with her crystal sound bowls, taking in the scenery of the beautiful Florida beaches, landscape and abstract painting, and non-fiction books.